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Resource Efficiency
Cost and Resource Efficiency

01Cloud allows complete automation, management and storage options where all of your application deployment and production are carried out in an efficient manner, saving both the use of resources, effort and cost.


Developing, managing and deploying applications is much more efficient with higher security and enhanced performance. Thus, users are more likely to release updates, manage and deploy applications at a much faster rate.

cluster management
Cluster Management

01Cloud offers complete management of resources at multiple sites within a cluster to meet the service delivery needs of the organizational programs and to maximise efficiency and result.

Data Backup
Data Backup

01cloud backups data in the form of snapshots. While, data losses can occur in many forms, human error or physical theft which are usually detected and avoided when on the 01Cloud platform.

Operator Management
Operator Management

Operators are software extensions to Kubernetes that make use of custom resources to manage applications and their components. On 01Cloud, you get full-fletched support for these extensions and enjoy the benefits of the add-ons.


Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) embody our 01Cloud platform workflow, set of operating principles, and collection of practices that enable the application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.


01cloud eliminates the need to respond manually in real-time to traffic spikes that merit new resources and instances by automatically changing resources.


With 01Cloud Kubernetes, the autoscaler allows users to easily define and allocate resources and add instances to the application and the services as required and on demand allowing better flexibility.

Experience Effortless, Fast, and Secure Solutions for Your Business with 01Cloud

Effortless, Fast and Maintenance Free

Manage all the complexities of application development processes through the process of DevOps and make it a hundred times more efficient. Easy to integrate, build and deploy, the cloud platform scales, automates, regulates and deploys your application with extreme ease.

The Simplest Tool to get started in Cloud!

We offer a user friendly, easy to use infrastructure and platform as a service that makes each and every aspect of cluster management, application security, monitoring, and integration easy to achieve throughout multi-cloud environments!

Accelerating & Simplifying Developer’s Workflow

01Cloud Kubernetes PaaS takes away the worry for any downtime, security threats and automated jobs with remote monitoring, auto alert, so you don’t have to! This simplifies the whole process while operating on infrastructures and applications.

Enterprise-grade Security

We take security seriously, which means we are responsible for constant monitoring of application and cluster health. Our team of experts will uncover the root cause of any ongoing issue and will solve them at their beginning stage. With multiple industry certifications, we offer an enhanced security experience.

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